When working with Adver-T Screen Printing we will do our best to educate and walk you through each step of the ordering process. If you do have additional questions please reference the information below or contact us.

Ink Type - Plastisol

There are a few types of inks available to print garments. Plastisol ink is the industry standard and what we use at Adver-T. This type of ink is plastic based with a glossy finish. It has a thicker consistency than water based in but this helps in making it suitable to print on almost any fabric. Plastic ink also allows for the most vibrant colors, easy color matching and great print results.

Ink Colors

We use the Pantone color system to design and stock colors for all orders. Since colors can vary from program to program and monitor to monitor the Pantone color book is the best way to standardize color selection. Any PMS color can be matched for a one-time fee of $35 per color. We can hand mix a color by eye for $10. (Keep in mind if we need to match on future orders the color may vary slightly)

All stock colors can be found on this chart: (.pdf is attached)(Also allow website visitors to download the color chart)(Add same image from screen printing page to break up text)

View Stock ink colors

Art Specs

What is the best file format to submit artwork?

Ideally all artwork would be submitted as vector artwork to size. If you don’t have vector artwork, a raster image to size at the highest possible resolution would be best. Having the original art file always helps.

When sending multicolor raster artwork please send as a .png with a transparent background at the size you want the image printed.

What file formats are considered Vector Art?

Vector file formats are: .ai , .eps, .pdf and .cdr. Please convert all text to outlines/curves so we don’t have to track down the fonts.

Art Approvals

All artwork must be approved through our online invoice/art approval emails. This is so we have a written record of who approved a job and when it was approved. Please be sure to check all details including garment color, print colors, spelling and print locations. If you have any questions or concerns please call our art department to clarify before sending in approval.

We WILL NOT be responsible for misspellings, errors or otherwise in approved proofs.

Press Checks

We don’t offer sample prints due to the time involved in getting a job ready to print. On occasion we do offer the opportunity to do a press check either in person or with a photo. We typically set up jobs needing a press check at the end of the production day to avoid keeping the machine idle. If you choose to do a press check you will have 10 minutes to approve your print. If minor changes like color and/or placement need to be made it shouldn’t delay production. If any artwork changes need to be made it could delay production up to 5 business days. We will always do our best to match the proof that was approved and if we have any questions we will contact you.

Press Marks

Sometime when printing garments we need to apply a lot of pressure to a garment to get the ink to pass through the screens properly. On occasion this leaves a mark on the garment. It doesn’t happen to all garment styles but it does happen. We don’t consider this an issue or defect since it washes out so we will not reprint or refund orders with press marks.

Print Areas

The maximum print area our equipment can print is 14” wide x 16” tall. Here is a visual showing what we can print and where.

Printing over Zippers & Seams

To get a clean print you need a clean smooth surface. Printing over zippers and seams is the opposite of that. Due to that we do not print over zippers or seams.


Custom apparel decoration has a lot of variables involved. That being said we do our best to print and fulfill the exact quantities ordered. Adver-T will not be responsible for spoilage up to 3% of any order. We do have some stock to replace goods with comparable shirts when available.

If you are ordering and need an EXACT count please let us know when placing your order. Issues in production may delay your order. Depending on the design the job may be set back up to reprint the damaged goods or they may be replaced using Direct-to-Garment printing. We recommend adding a few extra pieces to exact orders to account for this.

Turnaround Time

Our turnaround time is 5-7 business days from the time all of the following are completed…NOT BEFORE.

  • Invoice has been approved
  • Artwork has been approved
  • Payment has been made and/or purchase order has been provided

Any changes to your order after invoice or artwork approval will cause your order to move back up the production schedule. Processing changes is expensive, and you may be charged a restock and/or picking fee. Please leave yourself enough time when placing your order.

Additional time:

  • Add 1-2 business days for polybagging
  • Add 1-2 business days for inside tagging

Rush Orders

If you need an order in less than 5 business days it is best to give us a call. There are times when we can work it into our schedule. There will be an additional fee associated with RUSH orders. This fee will range from 10% to 50% based on a few variables including job size, where garments are shipping from and print colors. Contact us for more details.